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The Aghori Cult Of Tantrik Nihilist

  • Psalm Of She

    This one of my few rare love poems. More so than that, this a Hymn to my Goddess, my Scarlet Woman, and together we are the Yab-Yum; the Shiva-Shakti. My wife has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. To their is no discrimination between her, and my Goddess. Psalm Of She HotterContinue reading “Psalm Of She”

  • The Requisition

    This poem was written for the title track of an album I recorded about a year ago. My xenophobia for Death,Is understood now,Is now but a requisite,A prayer, for suchThe philanthropist has been beaten,Except not to a pulp,But a sociopath,With an underlying potential,Even thirst, for violence. Years of anesthesia,Has numbed all but pain,A broken machine,Continue reading “The Requisition”

  • New poem on IG!

  • Spoken Word Video of Naloxone Resurrection

    I’m going to be posting videos of me reading my lyrics/poetry on both TikTok and YouTube. My handle on both is @tantriknihilist108. If you like my content and could bless me, please follow me on either or both. Doing music on there as well. Thanks, and cheers! 🙏 93 93/93 ♥️

  • The Golden Chain

    If you acquire a chain, Of precious metals… Mined from the Earth, and wear it around your neck, Only to find out, that it’s fake, So, You swap one link, For that made of gold, is it still not a fake a chain? Still, you don’t see, the green ,tarnish, around your neck.

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